The miracululous transformation of the land of Israel


Many people in the United States are not aware that the land of Israel, at the turn of the 20th century, was either just a desolate, malaria-infested marshland or a dry, arid desert, that Mark Twain once half joked  ” even a cactus couldn’t survive here”!  And yet by 1980, Israel had become the most fertile and agriculturally efficient land anywhere on earth.  And today it’s called the  “fruit basket Of Europe” and supplies the European Union with almost 90% of its fruit and vegetables.

Friends, you can Google online and search for a satellite photo of the land of Israel today, and I guarantee here’s what you will see: lush, green Israel on one side and dry barren desert land all around it. Do you think that’s just a coincidence folks or do you think maybe the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob had something to do with it? Well, the Prophet Isaiah says “He shall cause Israel , the root of Jacob, to take root in the land again and it shall blossom and bud and fill the earth with fruit.” ( Is. 27:6 ) And in Joel 2:18 the prophet writes- “Be glad you children of Zion and rejoice in the Lord your God for he will cause the rain to come down for you in the latter days.”  And folks, the rainfall in Israel has increased by 10% or more every decade now since the Jews began planting over 200,000,000 trees. And as result, the environment has miraculously been completely transformed! Today this tiny nation produces over 95% of the food to feed all of its people. And its advanced agricultural technology is the wonder and envy of the world!

And my final scripture for today friends is in Isaiah 41:18 that says – “I will open rivers in desolate Heights and fountains in the mist of the Valley. And I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and they will plant in the wilderness the Cedar, and the Acacia trree; the Myrtle tree in in the desert and the Cypress and Pine trees, and they will know that I am God, and consider and understand that the Hand of the Lord has done this –  the Holy one of Israel.”

And friends, I hope if you get the great opportunity to visit the land of Israel, you will be utterly amazed to see for yourself the incredible variety and abundance of fruit and vegetables, today, many of them never grown before. And remember friends, that this was all predicted over 2,700 years ago – now that’s what I call really going “back to the future!“  Amen!   So friends, until the next time, may the good Lord richly bless you and draw you closer to Him!                      MARANATHA COME LORD JESUS!!!           

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